Primeros Pasos  is a leading-edge Spanish language school in Boulder Colorado.

Owner and president Shawn Camden founded the Spanish Institute in 2011 and changed part of the name of the school to Primeros Paso in 2017. Shawn created Spanish Institute and Primeros Pasos with one goal in mind: to be the best Spanish language center possible. With a successful background in curriculum development for second language learners (English & Spanish), Shawn and his team have spent the last 7 years creating a curriculum and program second to none.

With a range of qualified and engaging teachers representing one-third of all Spanish speaking countries, students will learn not only a second language, but also a variety of Latin American cultures. Our staff and teachers participate in regular trainings to maintain and improve their already impressive skills. They are committed to providing the richest experience possible to each and every student.

To meet a few of our amazing teachers, click here.

Shawn Camden Spanish Institute

Shawn Camden

Shawn is the founder of Primeros Pasos, Spanish Institute and is responsible for overseeing and assuring the quality all components of the school. His goal is to give the opportunity to individuals to learn the Spanish language and immerse themselves into the culture. He has over 16 years of experience developing language programs.

Shawn first co-founded one of the fastest growing and efficient nonprofits in the state of Colorado called Intercambio Uniting Communities, an organization dedicated to helping immigrants learn English and integrate into their local communities. He is also the co-founder of the Mexican restaurant based in Boulder called Sancho’s He is the lead singer and song composer in a local Boulder band called Los Cheesies

Lucia Gastaldi

Lucia Gastaldi

School Director and Teacher

Phoenix-Brain W Priester
Phoenix-Brain W Priester

Phoenix-Brain W Priester

Operations & IT Specialist