Preschool Curriculum

Preschool Spanish Curriculum with Spanish Classes in Colorado

Our curriculum is built on 8 week class series, each series highlights a new theme and reviews material from past series. Through this review, children can join our classes at any point in the year and feel comfortable.  Students who have been in our classes for a long time will continually be cycling through new lessons while reviewing earlier units.

Unit 1 “Body Parts” Covers:
  1. Basic greetings
  2. Colors
  3. Counting
  4. Body parts
  5. Basic shapes

Unit 2 “Foods” Covers:
  1. Talking about likes and dislikes
  2. Basic phrases of courtesy
  3. Basic expressions to describe food
  4. Review of unit 1

Unit 3 “Weather” Covers:
  1. Weather
  2. Nature vocabulary
  3. Seasonal activities
  4. “Opposites” (big/small, fast/slow)
  5. Review of past units

Unit 4 “Animals” Covers:
  1. Describing animals
  2. Action verbs (to run, to jump, etc.)
  3. Review of past units

Unit 5 “Emotions” Covers:
  1. Expressing emotions
  2. Talking about needs (I’m hungry, I’m tired)
  3. Review of past units

Unit 6 “All About Me” Covers:
  1. Self care (teeth brushing ,hand washing, etc.)
  2. Family
  3. Favorite Things
  4. Review of past units

Unit 7 “Clothing” Covers:
  1. Clothing vocabulary
  2. Basic expressions about getting dressed
  3. Review of past units

Unit 8 “Community”  Covers:
  1. Helpers in our community
  2. Transportation
  3. Review of past units