April Featured Artist: Melody Snowdon

Come by the Spanish Institute to check out some new pieces by local artist, Melody Snowdon. A selection of her work will be on display April 3- April 30 and is not to be missed!April Featured Artist: Melody Snowdon

Melody is an artist who has been creating art most of her life, but strictly as a hobby until recently. She is originally from the Chicago area, but has spent many years living in other places including San Francisco, San Diego, Puerto Rico, Miami, but now calls Boulder home.

She has had a life-long involvement in the art and took an extensive amount of courses in painting, Illustration, Sculpture, Ceramics, drawing and more at the Illinois Institute of Arts while living in Chicago. She continues her artistic study, experimentation and evolution independently from her home studio.

“I love art’s ability to evoke different responses and perspectives of it–it’s so subjective. One of the best moments in my artistic life was when a great friend of mine commented on a painting I had given her. It meant something so radically different, and truthfully, more deeply emotional to her than my perspective while creating it ever had allowed. It had transcended merely a colorful landscape to a dynamic, intense experience that I alone could never have provided her. The art gave her that. That is what art is about to me, the experience of it, and the variability of such from person to person.”

Currently, Melody is in the process of digitizing her entire portfolio for your viewing pleasure. Check it out thus-far at this link:


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