May Featured Artist: Laura McGowan

Check out our new featured local artist, Laura McGowan!

May Featured Artist: Laura McGowan

Laura is based out of Boulder, CO. She earned 3 BA’s in English, Sociology and Spanish from University of Colorado. Laura is a self-taught artist with a rainbow brain and love for the uniqueness of the world and has yet to take an art class –”I like to just see what I can flow without influence outside of my own experience.”

In 2013, Laura became visually impaired, resulting in cataracts in both eyes and a scar over her line of vision in the other. She also began working full-time at Imagine CLS, a non-profit organization that provides a variety of supports to adults with physical and developmental disabilities. -“I think both of these experiences were important in motivating me to create every moment that I can. It gave me a new appreciation for sight and color, and the differences in the way people interpret the world.”

A selection of her work will be on display May 1- May 29, and is not to be missed!

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