Spanish Playgroup

playgroup_fliers2016Playgroup 2017: 

  • Tuesday & Thursday – To be Announced
  • 4 weeks long, 8 sessions from 10:00-11:00
  • Price for this program $120

Using an interactive “Total Immersion” method and a fun-focused language-learning process, our Spanish Playgroup introduces the 100 most common Spanish words through play, songs, and storytelling.  This program is tailored to toddlers (2-4yrs.) and it’s been designed to build a foundation for learning Spanish and to present children  with engaging activities and the tools to begin their journey to understanding the new language.

The program focusses on  learning topics such as: colors, numbers, family, animals, food, fruits and vegetables, vehicles, body parts, clothes, nature, and actions (verbs).

Parents are encouraged to be part of the group, as it has been proven that children powerfully identify with their parents’ and caregivers’ involvement in their world of play. Caregivers’ participation will increase their engagement, resulting in higher comprehension and a more positive attitude towards learning a new language.

Registration TBA!