Use Music to Learn Spanish

It’s never bad to get a great song stuck in your head, and there’s no disputing the fact that there are thousands of incredible Spanish-language songs out there. When you slow down a hit song or take a minute to look up the lyrics, you can learn a lot of new vocabulary and even some grammar.

But learning verb conjugations, grammar, and new words through music is even more effective. Just as I’ll never forget “This Land is Your Land” or my “ABCs,” I’ll also know that “yo hablaré / y tú hablarás mañana / después de manãna él hablará / y entonces hablaremos y hablarán.” And then there’s “me duele la cabeza / te duele la cabeza / cabeza, cabeza / doctor, doctor / ayyyy.” Important things I’ll never forget, thanks to a couple of catchy notes.

Check out some of these fun (and funny!) songs to help language learners:

“Regular ER and IR Verbs – Spanish Grammar song”

“Matt’s Tener Song”

“Oh the Preterite! (Let’s Conjugate It!)”

And learn more about the research behind using music to teach languages here.


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