Learn Latin American Culture, Art and History in Denver!

Learning Spanish? Interested in travel? Looking to expand your horizons, and immerse yourself in history and culture?

Denver has two really great places to go to see art and movements from Latin America from the pre-colonial period to the present.

1. Museo de La Americas 

The only museum in Colorado that focuses solely on art and culture from Latin America throughout history. The museum is a great patron of modern Latin American artists, with displays and features that are constantly rotating and changing so that each visit is something fresh and new! Each second Saturday of the month is “Target Family Free Day”–kids get in free and get free creative activities, teens get free activities, and adults get tours of the exhibits. There are also monthly happy hours for people looking to come together and speak or practice the Spanish language. Plus, the museum features several Latinx musicians, poets, or performers each month. It’s a hub of cultural activity right in the heart of the art district. Check them out here!

2. Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum has a great New World gallery that features art and art movements from all across Latin America. The Denver Museum’s collections are always stunning and display works from some of history’s greatest artists. Check out the museum here–there are monthly free days, so keep an eye out for free admission!

Of course, there are many smaller venues where you can experience modern culture and educate yourself on language, history and more. We’ll cover a few of those next week–so be sure to check back!

What are your favorite Latin American cultural hubs in Denver? Let us know in the comments and we’ll feature them on our blog!

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