Top 5 Spanish Language Movies on Netflix

Tired of scrolling endlessly through Netflix movies? Avoid that decision paralysis and brush up on your Spanish language skills! Watch the top 5 best critically acclaimed Spanish movies available on Netflix:

*Disclaimer: most of the the movies on this list are rated R. They’re great listening practice for adults, not for kids! 


5. Aluna

Aluna is a documentary about the Kogi people of Colombia. The documentary features both Spanish and English languages, used to tell the story of a civilization that has only sporadically interacted with its sister civilizations and whose spiritual leaders are trained to connect to a cosmic consciousness called “Aluna.”



4. Amores Perros 

Three different stories about people living on the outskirts of Mexico City. Tarantino-esque in tone and use of violence, the movie has been called “harrowing, powerful and often disturbing.” It’s not for the faint of heart, but for those who enjoy the genre, it’s well-crafted and expertly executed.


3. Blancanieves

A recent release and a tribute to the era of silent film, Blancanieves is a retelling of Snow White where, after escaping from her murderous stepmother, young Blancanieves joins a group of bullfighting dwarves. It’s a silent movie, so leave it in its original Spanish and practice your reading!



2. El Mariachi 

An arthouse movie from 1993, El Mariachi follows a kind-hearted man who, despite his best efforts to lead a nomadic life with his guitar, is drawn into a conflict with the criminal underworld when he’s mistaken for an assassin. The movie is both violent and whimsical by turns, with an unpredictable plot.


1. Chico and Rita:

Chico and Rita, a pair of talented jazz musicians in 1948, follow their musical dreams and build their relationship as they travel from Havana to cities across the globe. It’s a beautifully animated movie with an original soundtrack and music from some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time.



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